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A Midsummer's Night Dream

The Wedding of Dana and Bayla Kaye


"Joan Glenn completely took the reins and made sure there was nothing for me to worry about except looking my best, walking down the aisle with my new husband and dancing the night away and that is exactly what happened! My wedding was seamless! Joan was indeed the key element to making our "perfect day" nothing less then perfect! "     Dana Kaye

Behind The Scene Of A Theme Wedding: Luxurious Wedding reveals the key elements that made this theme wedding come to life.

The Wedding of Dana & Bayla Kaye
A Midsummer's Night Dream


"I knew I did not want a cookie cutter wedding! I did not want to walk into another ballroom with the dance floor in the middle, tables all around it with big flower center pieces on them. I wanted our guests to walk into our huge tent and be blown away by something different and unexpected."    


How did you and Bayla meet?
Bayla and I met on an online dating service, Jdate. I had been on it for about 6 months and was just about to give up when I received an email from him one morning. Something was very different about Bayla and his profile really caught my attention. He sounded fun, sincere and outgoing plus his smile in his picture gave me such a good feeling. I decided to write him back but noticed he lived in Florida. I knew I couldn't move back down to Florida, I had lived there for 7 years during and after college, but his profile said that he would be willing to move for the right person so I thought this could work! We ended up talking for over 400 min the first night and then 5 days later I decided to take a flight down to Florida to meet him. He was taking care of his grandma and couldn't come to me. I knew that all that was missing was the all important chemistry and I just had to meet him before I left for Italy for 10 days. So I flew down to Florida and he picked me up from the airport. As soon as I opened the car door and caught a flash of his smile, I knew I had met the man I was going to marry!


How did Bayla propose?
Bayla proposed on my family's annual ski trip to Aspen. Bayla's proposal could not have been more special or more of a shock if he tried! After a long day of skiing, I came back to our room to find that Bayla had planned for all of us to make S'mores outside at the fire pit. Since I am never one to say No to chocolate, marshmallows or graham crackers; I happily slipped on my bedroom slippers and made my way outside with the rest of the gang.

I was so pleased to see that the entire fire pit was ours! (Little did I know Bayla had made sure of that!) Then I noticed there were candles with rose petals all around the fire and all the little twinkle lights in the trees were on. I thought, "WOW! The Hyatt really makes it nice out here. They are really stepping it up!"

Mom and I sat down and started to roast our marshmallows and suddenly Bayla stood up to make what I thought was going to be a silly speech. He started by talking about my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze. Suddenly from that, Mom and I went off into our own little conversation. Bayla tried to continue on with his speech but every time he said something Mom jumped in like a little parrot. "You know Bayla, you were second choice to Patrick Swayze for Dana!" and with that Bayla took a little black box out of his jacket and dropped to his knee.

I didn't know because I was roasting marshmallows! Then Mom hits my arm and yells, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!! DANA! HE'S PROPOSING!!" I couldn't believe it! I was shocked! I covered my face because I thought I was dreaming. Bayla asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said "YES!!" As a bonus, not only did I have the man of my dreams but I also got the most outrageous ring I ever could have wanted! It was an amazing day!


Your Engagement Ring is beautiful. How would you describe it?
My engagement ring was custom made but the look was inspired by the Tiffany Legacy engagement ring. The center diamond is a cushion cut that is surrounded by a thin band of white gold and then another band of smaller diamonds. The ring also has diamonds underneath and all along half the band. It's just a stunning ring and the quality is superb. It sparkles like crazy!


And your wedding gown is sheer perfection on you. How did you select it?
My dress was my dream dress. It was a Melissa Sweet dress called, Mila. The style was a fit to flare. It was simple yet elegant and fun all at the same time. I've always had a curvy figure so I knew I needed a dress that complemented my best assets. The dress was fitted all the way to my hips and then had a beautiful flare at the bottom. There were no crystals or beads, just a pretty cluster of ribbons that sat on my hip.


Why was an At Home wedding important to you?
Well, for as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to get married on my mother's amazing New Jersey property. We moved into this home when I was in 7th grade and since then the property has taken on such a magical feel. My mother turned what were just fields and a lake into a breath taking piece of property. Even though the gardens would not be in full bloom in September, I knew this was where I wanted to be on our wedding day. There is no other place on earth I could see myself getting married. Our family has a strong personal attachment to that property and I was so honored and blessed to share such a special day with Bayla, our families and friends there.


What was your vision for the wedding and reception?
I definitely knew I didn't want a cookie cutter wedding! I didn't want to walk into another ballroom with the dance floor in the middle, tables all around it with big flower center pieces on them. I wanted our guests to walk into our huge tent and be blown away by something different and unexpected. I think that's exactly what they got.


What was the theme of your wedding?
My vision was an edgy Midsummer's Night Dream theme. I wanted to use hot pink as the statement color but I wanted everything else to be soft and earthy and rustic. The center of the tent was a huge wooden bar and then off to the side was the dance floor. The entire tent was done with white and neutral colors and the lighting was used to make everything come alive with color.


How did you entertain your guests?
From the very beginning we knew we wanted a DJ. I'm not a fan of wedding bands at all and since Bayla had been a dancer for many years, we knew we wanted all the original songs played. We had such an eclectic mix of freestyle 80's dance music, country music and hip hop and we wanted more of a club atmosphere. Our DJ, Dan Kingman, was awesome. I supplied him with a long list off all of our favorites and he mixed it up with some of his ideas. We ended up with one great dance song and a full crowd on the dance floor. We also had our good friend, Kenny, from Florida, fly up to be our M.C. He was awesome and he and Bayla were able to put on a fun show dancing.


Photographed by Lauren Rutten