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Luxurious Wedding Copyright Infringement Policy

Copyright Infringement is a serious violation of the law. Violating our copyright will result in legal action and your website/blog being reported to Google. Google takes Copyright Infringement so seriously that you may be banned by Google, and other search engines.

All images and text on this website are the copyright of Luxurious Wedding .com. Violation of copyright is a crime under United States law. Under International Law, copyrights are also enforceable in other countries as a result of international treaties, provisions of which provide protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Unless stated otherwise: You may print pages from all our Luxurious Wedding websites and our Luxurious Wedding Blog Collections for your own personal use. That is the only acceptable reproduction of our copyrighted material. You may also use an image or text that gives credit to Luxurious Wedding with a link from your website or blog to any page on our Luxurious Wedding websites or to our Blog Collections.

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Luxurious Wedding is diligent in monitoring the Internet for illegal reproduction of our copyrighted material. We use sophisticated techniques as well as publicly available tools such as Copyscape. Copyright Infringement is considered a legal offense.

Copyright Infringement will resulting in the following sequence of actions:

Luxurious Wedding will submit a notice to the Copyright Infringer with a demand to immediately remove the infringing material.

If no action is taken to rectify the infringement within 3 days, Luxurious Wedding will submit an Invoice to the website or blog owner reflecting a retroactive licensing fee. Our standard fee is $25 per day per infringed item. An infringed item consists of one line of text, one image. Each line of text is considered an individual infringement.

At the same time we will prepare to file a notification to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines that you have violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is such a serious offense that the search engines regularly remove DMCA violators from their database.

If, upon notification of copyright infringement you do not remove the offending content within 10 days, Luxurious Wedding will petition your web host to shut down your account. All internet hosting companies have some form of protective policies to handle such requests.

Luxurious Wedding will Proceed with Legal Action.

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