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Luxurious Wedding takes you behind the scenes of planning a theme wedding. Planning a luxurious wedding involves so many details that we wanted to explore what happens Behind The Scenes to create a flawless wedding.

We interviewed Joan Glenn on each of the elements that come together to create the beautiful visual environment that your guests experience. A Midsummer Night's Dream was an At Home tent wedding that brought to life a contemporary and eclectic vision of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


"I did not want a cookie cutter wedding! I did not want to walk into another ballroom with the dance floor in the middle, tables all around it with big flower center pieces on them. I wanted our guests to walk into our huge tent and be blown away by something different and unexpected." Dana Kaye




The play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, is set on a midsummer night within an enchanted forest. The design challenge was to recreate the enchanted forest feeling on a New Jersey property. My team and I envisioned a lush, organic enhancement of the existing gardens and pond by using elements that reflected seasonal plantings and growth. The Tent would bring in elements of the forest with white textiles, distressed natural woods and bleached linens. Brilliant lighting on light-absorbent neutral surfaces would provide the fantasy of the enchanted forest.



Because the season of blooms was ending for an outside Fall wedding on the East Coast of the USA, the garden beds were enhanced with real flowers inserted in the foliage to appear as if the plants were still in bloom. White Astilbe, Tiger Lilies, Roses, and Iris were supplemented with exotic, entertaining varieties of Orchids, Dahlias and Lilies left the guests in awe and inspired their curiosity at the prolific nature of the garden in the Fall season. The arbor was hung with Concord grapes to appear as actual fruit trees to create a Midsummer Night's Dream garden fantasy.



The garden perimeter was enhanced with 50 classic iron and glass lanterns on wrought iron shepherds hooks grouped randomly around the property and provided light in dark and shadowed areas. The Ceremony took place in front of the pond on the existing dock. The Chuppah had four columns of twisted brown vines and natural berries rising up partially out of the water. The pieces were built to fit naturally into the landscape and appear to be a part of the garden.




Sexy, brilliant lighting flooded the tent creating the ambiance of the enchanted forest in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The decor was white and clean but also rustic and forest-like. The neutral and organic scheme in design elements created a blank canvas for the custom lighting that changed in color and pattern to provide a lush, rustic setting at first impression that kept evolving over the evening into an incredibly sexy brilliance of wild tones of magenta, cobalt blue and emerald green.




Two giant distressed wood columns built around the tent poles and wrapped in a fantastic rush of wild grape and bare honeysuckle vine At 20 points on the 17 foot columns, wrought iron brackets were added to suspend antique white silk lanterns filled with soft white candles. The treatment was large, rustic, dramatic and recreated the mystical, shadowed romance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. As the primary element was soft brown vine and white candles, the installation lent itself to being up lit with gorgeous changing color, which added to the magical feeling of the space.



A central bar, constructed of distressed wood, was surrounded by beautifully worn fruitwood barstools with clean white linen cushions. Two giant antique iron urns were overflowing with flowers allowing for the dinner tables to be adorned with a low floral treatment. Heavy distressed wood sconces suspended around the room hung with white lanterns to add a sophisticated, warm look. White carpeting and a white dance floor was installed because it was more color-reflective and elegant as an initial entrance into the environment.




Because the music was going to dictate a club atmosphere, the Dance Floor was in the center of the party. We had the Bar positioned next to the Dance Floor and large, lavish white linen ottomans were placed around the Dance Floor for people to sit and watch the dancers. A luxurious Lounging area filled with cream sofas accented with wood tone pillows completed the club atmosphere.



The tables were installed in two shapes, traditional round and rectangle, to make the layout of the room more interesting. The tables were covered in beautiful organic white linen and surrounded by rustic fruitwood chairs with soft linen cushions. The centerpieces were beautiful glass lanterns covered in white silk hand painted custom shades surrounded by a natural ring of twisted vines, olive leaves, orchids and white organza wrapped votives.



The menu was designed to allow a flow of movement throughout the tent. There were no plated courses, however, the quality and varied selection of food was beyond compare. There were composed grazing stations paired in the four corners of the tent. A fabulous candy display and other sweets were part of the decor and remained during the entire reception allowing the guests to have dessert before, during and after dinner!