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A Luxurious Wedding Luxury Expert
Deborah Nadel is a 'rock star' of calligraphers. With clients such as Tiffany's and De Beers Diamonds her work brings a refinement and focus to their beautiful product ads and other stationery.
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How To Select Your Wedding Calligrapher


If you ask a calligrapher to write your guests’ names on your precious stationery they should do it with precision and care. This saves you the worry and stress of writing it yourself and possibly spoiling it. Plan on providing an extra 7 invitations per 100 for mini-mistakes. Additional extras are recommended for last minute changes.

Expect Beauty
Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Your calligrapher’s role is to enhance your stationery with beautiful lettering. Be sure to look at the calligrapher’s website and request examples of their work – it should look wonderful! Calligraphy is a remarkable skill. It is not something that is learned by looking at a book and picking up a pen!

Expect Creativity
Calligraphy is a fine art. The most versatile calligrapher will also be an artist and illustrator. If you want a hand written and hand painted seating chart and table numbers, you will need someone with additional skills as well as good lettering. An expert calligrapher should be able to design a personalized wedding invitation for you and arrange to have it printed.

Expect A Worthwhile Investment
Think outside the box. Ask your wedding calligrapher to create a monogram for you that you will use as your theme. Monograms can then be used to create custom cufflinks for your groomsmen, as the center design for your aisle runner and on any other exciting element that will make your wedding unique.

Expect To Book Early
Calligraphy is time intensive. Be sure to book your calligrapher's time as soon as you know this is how your want to present your wedding invitations. Booking early will assure that your wedding will have the calligrapher's undivided attention.

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