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Where To Propose In Paris
Propose In Paris

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Nicolas Garreau, the owner of Propose In Paris and the event company ApoteoSurprise is considered an expert at marriage proposal planning in the romantic city of Paris.

His secret weapon of love is to create a romantic scenario with an emotional peak. By orchestrating specific conditions, this emotional peak comes at the right time, neither too early nor too late. This leads into the perfect moment for you to declare your love with the grandeur and sentimentality that your true love wants and deserves.

The three emotional stages created by Nicolas Garreau consists of a suspense stage, which will make your partner excited and a little bit nervous in anticipation of what is going to happen. The romantic stage makes your beloved happy and very relaxed after the suspense stage. The real emotional peak is being created during this second stage culminating in the apotheosis, which, at the right moment, will reveal the grand surprise.

Propose In Paris during an air balloon flight over the city of lights, or while you romantically stroll down the streets of Montmartre. Drive in a Ferrari F430 to the gardens of a castle, dine in a Temple of 1001 Nights, take a helicopter ride over a castle where the gardens reveal your proposal. 30 romantic experiences to choose from, each creatively designed to make a marriage proposal, birthday or anniversary the most memorable event of your life.