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Wedding Photobooths

Your wedding is formal. Your wedding is over the top. What could possibly be missing? Maybe nothing if you have included a Wedding Photobooth!

We love Photobooths. They are fun. They are interactive. They are conversation makers. They mix it up. They give the guests something to do and they create excitement.

Kick the festivities off at the cocktail hour by unveiling the Photobooth. What a great ice breaker while your guests mix and mingle waiting for your arrival.

A Photobooth creates a joyous atmosphere because a Photobooth is the essence of fun. It brings out the child in everyone, not to mention the romance. These are the pictures your wedding photojournalist will never capture, and the pictures you don't want to miss.

From the bridesmaids squishing themselves into the booth to a quiet moment together for the bride and groom, these uncensored images tell a 'behind the scenes' story that will keep you laughing and amused long after the wedding.

Photobooth offers a vintage style booth along with a designer album that the pictures are inserted into during the wedding. You get to leave on your honeymoon with pictures from your wedding. A big hooray to Photobooth and thanks for such a great idea!

See why Madonna, Ford Models, Kenneth Cole, Armani and many more top names in the fashion, music and movie industry include Photobooth as part of their party. They love it. Their guests love it. And you will love it!