Luxurious Wedding Floral Preservation
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Our Luxurious Wedding flower preservation expert will create the most spectacular artwork from your precious wedding bouquet by using a process that creates an original painting using your wedding flowers. It is a perfect gift for you and your bridesmaids. Plus you can use the centerpiece flowers to create a custom painting for your mother and grandmother too.

Our desire is to make a memory of your wedding day that you will love to live with and will be a design asset in your home or office. It is a work of art based upon your color scheme, passions, and design mode. Our Luxurious Wedding Floral Preservation Expert will take your wedding flowers and translates them into a dramatic presentation.

This is something no bride should pass up. Imagine taking the bridesmaids bouquets and presenting each friend with a memorable 'thank you'. And what could be a better memory for your mother who took so much interest in helping with your wedding plans.

Your wedding flowers are carefully pressed and dried. They are then applied to a custom painting envisioned just for you. You can select the colors and style that will be used in your painting or leave it up to our expert and she will choose the colors and design that look best with your flowers. Your custom painting can be done in any size on a canvas with a 3/4 inch edge so that you can have it framed, or you can have a special canvas made with a 2 or 3 inch edge for a more modern look. These custom canvases are gallery wrapped, so framing is not needed as the design wraps around the sides.

You choose the size of your painting. Your flowers will be pressed and applied to your custom made canvas. Paint is then added to compliment the beauty of your pressed flowers. Each painting is carefully protected to preserve the flowers for years to come.

The process is easy. You will be sent a shipping packet with instructions and recommendations for sending your flowers for preservation.

Luxurious Wedding Floral Preservation provides wedding flower preservation for brides throughout the USA.

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