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Featured New York Wedding Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

When it comes to wedding planning, booking your wedding makeup artist and wedding hair stylist should be done in the early stages to be sure your date is blocked out in their appointment book. Luxurious Wedding recommends that brides reserve the date at least six months in advance.

Remember your wedding photographer can take beautiful images, but you will have to rely on your wedding make up artist to make you look beautiful in them.

For a flawless look, Luxurious Wedding recommends airbrushing. Airbrushing is used on all the models and TV anchors. Airbrushing can last up to 3 days, assuring you will look just as radiant from early morning right through the wee hours.

Use eyelash extensions and hair extensions. Wide, soulful eyes and perfect hair are a must on your wedding day.

Brides need to take into account the time of day, the location of the wedding, the quality of the light, and the emotional heights of the day when selecting the perfect look for your wedding day.

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