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Joan Glenn - 6 Degrees of Celebration

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You are a New York bride. You are a New Jersey bride. You are looking for the right wedding planner. New York area wedding planner, Joan Glenn of 6 Degrees of Celebration understands that your wedding has to have flair with a touch of genius. It has to be executed to perfection and it has to be an incomparable experience in order to please your guests who get invited to a ton of weddings.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to an exceptional wedding planner, Joan Glenn of 6 Degrees of Celebration who believes that a truly unique wedding begins with "location, location, location!" Her intimate knowledge of the most amazing locations will add an extra level of sophistication to your event. Imagine a beach wedding on the 'Island' or on the island of your dreams, a lush garden complete with a tent, a penthouse overlooking the city, a mountaintop, a winery, a turn of the century mansion, a gallery, a county club,a museum, a loft or even your own backyard, Joan is the visionary who will help you refine your choices.

In line with the tempo of the modern bride, Joan Glenn delivers custom wedding decor that is special in every way. As seen in her theme wedding A Midsummer Night's Dream, Joan Glenn lets your imagination run wild with all the possibilities then reins you in for the perfect choice. Her desire is to find you an extremely sophisticated and visually stunning event location. From there all the other pieces and elements of wedding planning will fall into place. Luxurious Wedding interviewed Joan Glenn to reveal some of the extraordinary details that go into Planning A Theme Wedding.

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