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Our Luxurious Wedding Planners are experienced in managing a variety of cultural weddings including Russian Weddings, Indian Weddings, Arabic Weddings and Western Weddings. They take into consideration the various traditions required at each celebration and also the legal elements that must be considered when marrying in Dubai including the cultural and legal process to make this happen. By enlisting the help of a local Dubai based Wedding Planner, they can liaise with the suppliers directly, attend meetings and receives special negotiated rates with her preferred suppliers.

Our role is to act on your behalf making sure the day is as memorable as you hoped. From a small intimate gathering of close family and friends on the beach in Dubai with a backdrop of the Burj al Arab or Burj Khalifa or perhaps a lavish celebration in one of the exquisite Dubai ballrooms such as Burj Al Arab, Armani hotel or Mina Salam,to guarantee perfection. Getting married in Dubai is a dream scenario for many couples as it is an exquisitely beautiful location where the sun shines for most of the year.

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