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Featured Wedding Cake Designer - Sylvia Weinstock


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Sylvia Weinstock...the grande dame of extraordinary wedding cakes...designs for a sophisticate cliente who is seeking a
more individualized approach to their wedding cake. You can see samples of Sylvia Weinstock's luxurious wedding cake
creations in her latest book Sylvia Weinstock's Sensational Cakes.

In Sylvia's world, the trend is away from little rosettes to concept cakes that are 'highly personal and often 'off-beat'.

Brides are looking for cakes that reflect their lifestyle or perhaps, looking to recreate sentimental elements from their relationship  or the embroidery from their wedding dress.

Sylvia works her magical designs in buttercream only!
The lightness and flavor of the buttercream compliments her sophisticated frosted embellishments and fillings. Sylvia is seeing a trend in 'complex cakes' such as 3 compatible cakes
and different fillings underneath her extraordinary creation.

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